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  • James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

    which is mining Pandora for rare minerals. You learn to pilot your own avatar, a hybrid of your DNA and that of Pandora's indigenous species, the Na'vi. As you ...

    License: Demo Genre: Shooting Games | First Person
    Size: 1.55GB Updated: 05/25/11

  • 43,766

    Total downloads

  • Sonic Spinball for Genesis

    The traditional Sonic the Hedgehog platformer gameplay is kept to a very low minimum.

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | Genesis
    Size: 1.08MB Updated: 07/31/09

  • 24,158

    Total downloads

  • Skada Damage Meter 1.2-15

    - Summary information for most modes (DPS, HPS, Fails, etc) in a LDB view/minimap button. - LDB data feed can show personal/raid DPS or personal threat. - Sup...

    License: Freeware Genre: Game Archives | Addons
    Size: 766KB Updated: 07/14/09

  • 10,656

    Total downloads

  • Starscape 1.5c

    By mining the asteroids within the grid dimension, valuable resources can be harvested to fuel the Aegis' molecular furnace to build devastating weaponry. Withi...

    License: Shareware Genre: Shooting Games | Shoot Them Up
    Size: 13.67MB Updated: 07/22/09

  • 3,679

    Total downloads

  • CheatBook-DataBase 2001 4.0

    0, Deer Hunter 4, Driver2, Emperor - Battle for Dune, Heroes Chronicles, Max Mole 2, NBA Live 2001, Operation Flashpoint, Pearl Harbor, Star Trek DS9 - Dominio...

    License: Freeware Genre: Game Archives | Tools
    Size: 2.70MB Updated: 10/14/05

  • 1,982

    Total downloads

  • DotA Allstars 6.70b

    minimap (364977) Creep vision decreased from 1100 to 850 Consumable Items no longer automatically fuse with ones you don't own (except for wards) Added a new...

    License: Freeware Genre: Game Archives | Maps
    Size: 7.76MB Updated: 12/29/10

  • 1,401

    Total downloads

  • MinnaStats Damage Meters 2.10

    It's primary aim is to track all the above with minimal cpu impact, and let you examine them at your leisure. You can even save the data for an entire run, w...

    License: Freeware Genre: Game Archives | Addons
    Size: 248KB Updated: 07/16/09

  • 790

    Total downloads

  • Star Ruler Patch

    [Fixed] AIs are no longer prevented from expanding when the minimum ship size limit is set higher than their scout blueprint. [Fixed] Planet rings/moons are sa...

    License: Freeware Genre: Game Archives | Patch
    Size: 6.90MB Updated: 03/21/12

  • 661

    Total downloads

  • Fallen Evolution 32

    train mining, fishing, cooking, and woodcutting skills to your advantage, obtain the best armors and weapons, become rich and famous! In the first beta relea...

    License: Freeware Genre: RPG | MMORPG
    Size: 39.15MB Updated: 06/17/13

  • 633

    Total downloads

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